Rittai Kumiko


Chisel, overlap, then intersect.
Ultimate beauty weaved together by wood
Chisel, overlap, then intersect.
The ultimate beauty weaved together by wood.

Our "Rittai Kumiko" is capable of fitting in both everyday situations and special arrangements!
Adding to the seamless beauty of our grid pattern,we managed to create harmony between seemingly contrasting elements, and demonstrate an unique worldview in our design.
This kumiko craft made from carefully selected natural wooden materials, and assembled using Japanese traditional methods,exudes an overwhelming presence filled with peaceful beauty.
By arranging squares into a net mesh or radiating shape, we were able to achieve a colourful variety of shapes, from cubes, triangles to rectangles, into our work.
This endless symmetrical world invites its viewer into wonderful sensations.

About "Rittai Kumiko"

An infinite world of beauty brought forth by grids simple intheir complexity.

The old "Okawa Kumiko" school featured a 2-dimensional style, which was composed of complex motifs such as hemp leaves or caltrops. Conversely, our "Rittai Kumiko" which extends into 3D is very simple in structure, but with viewing angles and lighting on our side, still manages to bring about an interesting expression of various shapes and layers. That sense of depth is Rittai Kumiko's identity. With it, we help bring an artistic touch onto meticulously and thoughtfully built architecture and spacial arrangements.

Craftsmanship and innovation supported by history and tradition.

Both Kagu no Machi (Furniture's Town) and Okawa are kept alive by our long history, craftsmanship and pride of our artisans. Against the backdrop of those traditional techniques, we add in new ideas and modern design never before seen, in order to bring the viewer the impact of seeing something for the first time. Within this is an undeniable authenticity and originality to our work.

Attention to detail bold in its pursuit for perfection.

The part to become the foundation is made out of 9mm x 9mm wood, with the connecting section so thin that it does not exceed 1mm. Although we do use machinery to cut down the trees, the overlapping of wooden parts is done purely by hand, without a single nail used. The resulting elegance is breathtaking to behold. An endlessly expanding world of masterpieces is made possible thanks to this expert collection of techniques.

Aesthetics and function combine to create its beauty, not to mention its flexible strength.

Our artisans' detailed yet bold hand work draws inspiration from the essence of nature present in every tree we are blessed with, and to give birth to our Rittai Kumiko. The reason our products are so beloved by architects is not just because of their beauty, but also their flexibility and strength that comes from the fact that they were assembled without using any nails.

To bring out the charms of both the east andthe west, transcending borders and tastes.

Wooden kumiko has always been beloved as one of Japan's ancient traditions. Of course, Okawa's Rittai Kumiko also possesses superior features when it comes to Japanese beauty. Furthermore, by making use of the grid motif, we were able to give our products an universal attraction that will not feel out of place even in traditionally Western spaces such as a hotel, a movie theater or a gallery.


Okawa Cinema Hall

Rittai Kumiko wall art and tables were used for the interior of several movie theaters.
The same goes for the lighting, which was made from similar materials,

215-1-4F, Sakemi, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka TEL:0944-85-8002

Creator Introduction

Hideharu Maeda

The idea for "Rittai Kumiko" came to us almost as a coincidence, when we were thinking about starting a new movement separate from the order-made furniture we normally produce for Kagu no Machi and Okawa. It began when we took the small wooden parts that we were so intimately familiar with while making shoji and fusuma, and came up with the idea to use them to make something three dimensional instead of two.Rittai Kumiko is made using only small wooden parts, 9mm on each side. The larger products carry an overwhelming sense of force. From now on, we aim to develop products both unique in design and practical in use, ranging from wall art, tables, lighting to partitions, to serve not only Japanese customers, but to expand overseas as well. We are providing architects and construction workers of the world our "Rittai Kumiko" a product that pays attention to their professional demands, while fitting in nicely with the image of any place.

Award History

38th National Furniture Exhibition - Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award

39th National Furniture Exhibition - Kanagawa Prefucture Governor Award


First-Class Technician
/ Second-Class Architect

A bold new step in the history of
Kagu no Machi - Okawa.

The city of Okawa, where our factories are located, takes pride in being a woodmaking city with the highest furniture output in Japan, and which has enjoyed prosperity for being the spot where wood material from faraway lands swept along by the Chikugo river, itself a class A river with a history that goes back about 500 years, accumulates. It is thanks to the skills of the artisans polished throughout the course of history that our cabinetwork and kumiko, assembled without using nails, earned their popularity. Each of our factories and production facilities create their own originality, and hone their techniques together, to continue broadcasting our appeal as an "Interior City" to not only Japan, but also the world beyond.Our "Rittai Kumiko", which has just taken its first baby steps into the world, is also one of the many products that were born from this town. We sincerely hope it will become the first new step towards building the next chapter in Okawa's history.


  • General Cost: ~150,000/m2
  • Production Period: ~2 months since receiving order
  • Wood Type: Up to negotiation.
  • Trademark Registration: Registration Number #5752659
    Utility Model Registration: Registration Number #3192392
    Utility Model Registration: Registration Number #3193752
    Utility Model Registration: Registration Number #3194086